Just a Note Special: The 13th Floor Paradigm

Bastet and Sekhmet: The Innerworkings

Hello world!

Those of you who don’t know me…join the club!

I was born on February 18, 1952…on a defunct Air Force Base, in the state of Illinois, U.S.A.  My life until I was 18 was a life of constant travel…town to town, state to state and once I lived in a foreign country, the Philippines.  After I was 18, my life was a life of constant travel, but not in the United States…I left it when I was 18 in fact and never returned, except for a few brief visits.

The first 10 years of my adult life, I lived and worked in different African countries.  There I had the experience of civil war, revolution and general upheaval.  Though I loved African and its people, it got wearisome.

In 1982, therefore, I settled down in Italy…though moving from city to city and province to province.  In 1994 I settled down at last.  I live in the extreme north of that country, in the province of Trentino, not far from the Austrian border.

I sculpt, paint, draw, take photographs, write poetry and short stories.  Lately I’ve been doing more of the latter three activities though.  I love to read, like the cinema (but not splatters et al), and any type of music that fits my mood. I used to sing, second soprano and play the piano, though I gave the piano up early in life.   I monitor an English Conversation Group in the winter.  I’m married to an artist and retired teacher (my second husband).  I have three sons and four grandchildren.  So, of course I’m never bored.

Now…for my appearance…my hair is graying, my eyes are light blue tending also to gray , in the summer I tan and get pale in the winter…sometimes I’m thin, when I remember to watch what I eat…right now, alas, I’m a chubby kitty ;-) .

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I blog at Bastet and Sekhmet…I chose those names for several reasons; I like cats, my two computers are named after these two Egyptian Goddesses and they express two aspects of my personality…domestic and warrior.

I also monitor for We Drink Because We’re Poets the weekly photographic prompt…my challenge, get people to take photographs for their blogs and if someone writes a poem for their photo, I feel that my work has been useful.

Now, here I am on the 13th Floor, to offer my ideas about poetry, writing, photography and anything else that may be interesting to a world that has lost sight of anything that goes beyond daily hand to mouth consumerism.  Oh, not by explaining anything, I’ve nothing to explain.  As the Zen masters would say: do not say, everyone has their path to follow and each has his own talent, that is my philosophy of life…short and simple.

At present, I’m working on a book of Haiku with my personal pencil and sepia drawings which I hope to publish in Italian and English…I want to put together two anthologies of my short stories and as a member of the Italian Union Photographers, I hope to submit some of my photos to be published and maybe take part in some of the local exhibitions.

So now, you know about as much about me as I do…or maybe not ;-)

20 thoughts on “Just a Note Special: The 13th Floor Paradigm

  1. Good morning, Bastet! Thank you for writing about the inner workings! It’s a nice surprise. I hope your book of Haiku will be beautiful. Would you make it bilingual or have an English and an Italian edition?


    • I’d like to mak it bilinqual actually…I think it would be fun seeing the two languages together…and it’s going terribly difficult keeping the syllable count with the Italian so writing Haiku in Italian usually isn’t one of those things that people do.


    • This is my about page for the 13Th floor…I thought I’d like to inform my readers about what I’m up to, so I decided to post it for my blog as well…I agree with you though.


  2. I rather got the feeling that you were winking at me with the “chubby kitty”…but I assume too much. This is a fascinating glimpse into your life…you have had so many adventures and experiences that have added great depth to your character and writing. I very much enjoyed reading about you and hope to learn more! 🙂


    • well, I’ll admit that when I thought about my Bastet self, I remembered the day I made that terrible error, and so I guess I did a wink at you, one of my favorite writers by the by.


  3. Rovereto, Trento, Garda, Limone, Boltsano, the mind boggles, and I’m just a little envious because all evoke wonderful memories of a few months spent there teaching ESP to enthusiastic students in the 1980’s. I remain in touch with some, but the ranks thin with the years.


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