Thursday Poetry Prompt Trial 2: The Bandit

Thursday Poetry Prompt. Trial two.

Prompt: Think of a cliché.  Seriously.  Think of something overused in the literary arts, something like “It was a dark and stormy night.”  Now, take that cliché and rewrite it!  Form a poem over it.  Not just any kind of poem, though.  This week, the form will be the Minute Poem.

Literary Cliché: The bad guy who kills/loots/does a lot of despicable criminal stuff? Has a sad miserable past and STILL misses his mother.

The Bandit

He was an all time mean bandit,
heart of granite
lover of rape
robber of babes!

He’d kill you and slaughtered his sis
yes, ’twas the pits
monster’s were nice,
it came to light!

Ah, but for his mamma that lad
wasn’t at all bad
he brought her flowers,
and bonsai bowers!

Written for We Drink Because We’re Poets

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