Just a Note: August 19 2013

Hello World!

Well here in Italy, the past week was one of those weeks that seems like a passing year…so much pushed into 7 days!  I hardly know where to begin.


This is always a good starting point.  With another 12 persons and thanks to the organization powers of Sahm King, a new community blog was born this week.  It started out as a group of us chatting about the need, in our opinion, of something that might create a movement of ideas.  You’ve seen my poems about the ideas as they came up, if you’ve been following the blog.  The blog is entitled the 13th Floor Paradigm and it took us a few days to come up with it.  The constant was 13th Floor, but we went from Bards to Troubadours….and finally we voted the name we now use on the new Blog!  We talked about the theme, but it was Sahm who put it together for us.  Lilith has created our email, where you can write to us: 13thfloorparadigm@gmail.com and this is the twitter address: https://twitter.com/13FloorParadigm.  I don’t think though that I will actually use either…never twitter and my present e-mail is already a shambles!

So…that means I now participate on yet another blog, besides Bastet and Sekhmet,  l also write a photo prompt blog with its feature pages for We Drink Because We’re Poetsand I have a personal project or two I want to work on, including a private blog where I’m trying to put up publishable stuff…as in for e-zine or magazines, book publishing or contests.  Basically I’ll have to do a bit of weeding and figuring out how to organize my time.

Recently, my e-mail inbox is so full that I can’t possibly read what everybody writes.  I know you post and sometimes I can read something and do that.  But…basically over the last week, I’ve replied to you who comment and like on the three blogs and look at your blogs!  There is so much to do and so little time.  I guess this is a lesson to be learnt…how to give and still create.

My projects though are the reason I blog…I didn’t realize when I began blogging that there was a community!  In fact if I just did my own stuff, I could manage much better…but I also have come to love and appreciate your various slants on writing and photography.  I’ve got to re-organize my blog too.  I want to do some weeding and fix up my categories…maybe transfer some of my work to a page, rendering the original individual posts private.  So…stuff to do, people to see etc.

For the moment…I’ll just close this by saying thanks to you all who’ve kept following through the thick and thin…love you all and keep blogging, I sure will!  Oh and by the way, if you want to follow everything that I publish in one fell swoop…there is the Bastet Facebook fan page.  Everything I publish or reblog goes directly there, just push the like on this page with the black cat icon and you’re in.

Have a great week!

Georgia from Bastet and Sekhmet!

3 thoughts on “Just a Note: August 19 2013

  1. It is not always possible to read everyones posts every day. That is why I always particularly like this post you do every week as it fills me in on what I have missed on this blog. You are a very busy blogger!


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