Free Verse: Bright Eyed Boy

Free Verse

My Bright Eyed Boy

I think back to when you were born
my bright eyed boy
the frown you had when you looked upon
a world gone cold after your life of warmth
the scowl that you wore upon your face
saying with your angry eyes and cries
that something  wasn’t right!
my bright eyed boy
comforting you did not accept,
you wanted answers to your questions
and even now
though years have passed
you still wonder
where is the warmth
in this cold existence
we would call life.
Ah, for the answers…
I’d surely give them
if only I could,
my bright eyed boy.

10 thoughts on “Free Verse: Bright Eyed Boy

    • I imagine that being born from a world of constant warmth, with our needs constantly taken care of, soft, in a calm redish glow, could be our first traumatic experience…and I imagine that many still long for that secret world, they’ve consciously forgotten, but still lives inside them as an ideal world.


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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