Silly Poem: Pixie Feet

ghost feet

Silly Poem

Pixie Feet

In a world of emerald-green
there walked a pixie through the rain
slipping and splashing it merrily went
trying to find some shelter,
from the ghastly storm that blew
making the world go tippy top.

Belter kelter! Spitzer patter!
I’d tried to photograph a puddle
in all of my excitement though
I’d gotten into a muddle,
and so no water did I see,
but only a blob of green!

I heard a knocking at the door
but saw nothing for which to open
I thought that it might have been the wind
until this morning’s processing!
Alas, alas what did I see…
pixie feet staring back at me!

Yes, there before my very eyes
I saw those ghost feet standing there
and so I realized (oh yes I did)
that a poor dear pixie had wanted in
from the dashing gnashing pouring rain…
but no succor there came from me.

4 thoughts on “Silly Poem: Pixie Feet

in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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