Free Verse: A Place For Me

there are days
when I wonder
where is that place
made just for me
hate and prejudice
a place of love
where I can just be me,,,
my life
looking back
has been good
I shouldn’t complain
I’ve seen the world
I’ve made friends
and lost friends too
where ever I’ve gone
since the day I was born
I’ve been
an outsider
adapting to others…
myself on the inside,
on looker.
I smile
showing I’m ready
to be friends
will this be my place?

Free Verse inspired by Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel.

4 thoughts on “Free Verse: A Place For Me

    • thanks for commenting…it’s the one most constant feeling that shades my life…probably many feel this way from time to time I think, especially those born outside their countries “norm”. I don’t say this often but today to you I say Namaste, Georgia.


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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