30 days of Haiga: September 1

footsteps in cement



footsteps in cement
fall rain highlights memory
persons never seen

Cropped photograph partially processed.

Challenge can be found at The 19th Planets Art Blog!

9 thoughts on “30 days of Haiga: September 1

  1. I’m really sorry my phone has a mind of it’s own! I was scrolling through my WordPress feed on my iphone and I must have clicked on reblog by accident. Apologies again!


    • Well…trying to get some done between one thing and another, then Sisko will help me format them…then I have to read Smashwords to see how to publish…then….


  2. aloha Bastet. cement fossils are way fun. i like the concept you are going after in this with the unseen, unknown person. the autumn reference is cool too, i like that. i do not always include a seasonal reference in my own haiku, altho i know it is traditional to do so. still, when possible i think it adds to creating a moment in time. cool on that. way fun on your image and ku into haiga. aloha.


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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