Thursday Poetry Prompt #18: That’s a RAP

For We Drink Because We’re Poets
Prompt: Test your punchline prowess!

Well, I tried to follow the prompt, I went to how to sites to see how to write a “proper” rap poem, and I discovered that I can’t write in that structure.  I threw two poems out in disgust, so I just do what I always do when ranting in rhyme…my variation of rap…acceptable or not, if you say rap to me, and want me to write it, this is what comes out.


I ain’t got no degree in po-e-try
I’m no po-et laur-e-ate
don’t know if my rhymes
are 19, 12, or 16 bars
can’t write rap with all that crap
ain’t a snap to write under
structure pressure.
that is how you mess a-round
making something fine and fluid
into a cement tomb
without no womb…dead
’cause it’s shit from your head
no soul no rhythm
just rules, to ruse a-ca-demics
into acceptin’
what they look down
their haunty noses on…
so if this here song,
is ac-cept-a-ble,
then I’ve writ-ten
rap for a prompt
and you all can chant and stomp
but if you want somethin’ else
I just say,
fuck you,
’cause I did this and this is my rhyme
a street renga
half of the time,
playing with words, statin’ my case
without no special rhyming base…
so, brotha’ and sista’ you tell me
is this a rap rhyme
or just free verse…
but Bastet’ll be cursed
before she’ll
rewrite it into 16 bar verse.


12 thoughts on “Thursday Poetry Prompt #18: That’s a RAP

    • Thanks..couldn’t figure out how to do the bars stuff…so I just did what I do when I want to rap my kids…tried going onto some sites I googled and the stuff I read just didn’t cut as they say. Glad you like it. 🙂


      • Ah, the “bars”, that’s just slang for lines. Raps, in general, are just usually made of couplets. Usually 8 couplets per verse. I might’ve complicated the explanation. That’s sort of my modus operandi >:D lol. I read everyone’s entry aloud. I really liked yours.


        • Thanks again. I’d always considered rap a sort of spontaneous poetry, guess I looked at the wrong wiki hows ’cause those dudes didn’t look at all like rap. 😉


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