30 Days of Haiga: September 2, 2013

Oneiric Autumn Sun


oneiric autumn

oneiric autumn sun
grain and birds basking
fences only outline their life

one of my older colored pencil drawings (1988).

As part of the “30 Days of Haiga September 2013

13 thoughts on “30 Days of Haiga: September 2, 2013

  1. aloha Bastet. it’s a delight to see the combination of artwork on paper combined with digital technology. i like to do this at times as well (in fact i want to get back into more of my own paper work, that was a goal this year that has not gotten as far as i’d like it to. yet.). i see digital technology as simply another tool that can be used in the creation of our art, much as a specialty brush, or handmade paper might be.

    way fun on “oneiric”. i had to look it up. wow. what a cool word. i will have to try to use that 5 times a day now to get it into my skull system.

    i like this line that; “fences outline life” that’s an excellent insight. fun. aloha.


    • I had intended to do more free-hand work as well…but time is short lately 😦 I have no problems with electronics…I don’t think it really should matter, if so, we’d all be grinding our own colors and making our own paper like Leonardo and Michelangelo no?


      • bwahahaha. yes. i’ve tried some of that grinding pigments and making paper. there is some interesting things that happen with that. as you say tho, we have to pick and choose where our time is focused. i do go back to some of these things—when the pull is there and that is fun too.


          • ha. yes. i like experimenting too. there is almost always something in each thing i do that i am experimenting with. sometimes it’s subtle. sometimes it’s obvious. sometimes it works. sometimes. . . . not so much. but it’s almost always fun to explore in that way. and i like that.


          • exactly, I’ve just retaken up writing and writing poetry in the past 6 months or so and that’s led to photography…just about everything I do in one way or another is an experiment…and I hope this stage lasts for a very very long time 😉


          • i go after fun. experimenting is fun. when something is fun, i’ll want to do it again. it’s as simple as that.

            haiku—and photography or image with haiku seems to me to be a life long worthwhile endeavor. that doesnt mean i wont do something else. but i think it is worth a life time of pursuit. many things are and it’s fun to go to them when they pull me. that’s when i do my best work (imo) when i’m excited to be doing it. fun on that. aloha.


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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