A Sonnet for Tim: Reading (Sonnet)

The rhyme scheme for the Shakespearean Sonnet is as follows a-b-a-b, c-d-c-d, e-f-e-f, g-g.

From Tim’s Sonnet Workshop # 1 on the 13 Floor.

fiction section


Reading (Sonnet)

I love to read but there is a time for everything,
For when my life is sad, I’d never read political biographies,
The lives of tyrants and past difficulties are to me a sting.
I’d prefer to stay away from works on these people’s qualities.
Our world, is often full of strife and endless tales of death,
To me these works are knelling funeral bells to man’s past.
It’s like a poison that fills my heart and steals my breath,
Injecting into my weary brain this unhappy gloomy blast.
So tyrant’s tales are taboo, my need is for something funny,
Or a few well-placed lines of poetry that can make me smile,
I choose my readings well and look for something sunny,
Maybe bright limericks from the lovely emerald Isle.
‘A time for everything and to everything a season.’
I take this wisdom and read humor and with reason.

8 thoughts on “A Sonnet for Tim: Reading (Sonnet)

  1. That’s exactly why I prefer watching sitcoms over hour-long drama series. Love the sonnet! Another form I will have to look at. It’s funny how I seem only inspired to explore different forms after you’ve posted them on your blog lol. 🙂


    • That I can understand…though I don’t watch tv, sometimes on youtube or one of the stream tv thingys I like to go for something like Big Bang Theory and I do so love Doctor Who (she blushes saying this). It’s funny how we inspire each other, as I too have been inspired after you’ve done a new form…and I loved how you handled the Ghazal Challenge! I can’t reblog it though as the darn thing won’t let me reblog as I’d already done so, but I will overcome that somehow!


      • Syllable count is something most people don’t observe… it really doesn’t matter what number of syllables only that each line contain the same amount. It is commonly not observed and even the Bard himself strayed from this from time to time, but other poets of his era, such as Johnson never did… (I don’t think Shakespeare ever really counted syllables but had a natural count to his writing which I think was an innate talent most of us do not have.)


          • I figured not to harp on syllable count and get people to enjoy writing sonnets to begin with and hope they come to enjoy the form and I was going to mention it in later workshops… I just wanted to get people started without being intimidated by the rules…


          • I’ll go along with that 100%. Best to get a good beginning and then work up to bettering than have people becoming frustrated and giving up!


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