WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea (2)

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

This is my second submission from Puglia, we’re always in Polignano, but today in the water!

Click on the pixs for close-ups!  😉

Now, that we’ve cooled off in the water, let’s go see some other great seascapes!

7 thoughts on “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea (2)

  1. It gives me a feeling of jumping in the sea there.. really awesome photos – (I had to look closer to see if the unknown was wearing anything thihi)…Thanks for your ping at my blog!!!


  2. That old man floating in the water creeped me out a bit. His chest hair looked like blood until I enlarged the photo and could tell clearly it wasn’t. Love the water in that photo though. The other two photos make me wish I could join the people there!


    • They’re still very warm…most of the tourists go home at the end of August…school starts etc…but September is a great time to go to the sea, it’s warm and fewer people…


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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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