Free Verse: Red Tension


Red tension rises…
each day we’re seeing
looming on the horizon…
precipitation of annihilation
power struggles continue
without cessation
the senseless mass murder
of people
like you and me,
for no better
reason, then someone’s ambition
someone’s ideal vision of what the world
should be…
that business as usual, usually means:
the poor get poorer
women are raped
children slaughtered
as they sleep.

the beat just goes on.

Then, someone wakes up
and says:  “we need peace!”
because maybe there’ll be another
oil crisis,
and the price of gas will rise, and we can’t
go get our fries
we might even have to cook…
meanwhile the crooks
who run this planet
will continue to wreak havoc
and the only thing we worry about
is how the home team made out.
we’ve got one more name
to add
to this sadistic game
of massacre
another statistic, more double digits
of death…but be careful
oh, do be cautious
that it’s the right kind
of revolution
say the men in power
got to be sure that the profits
are safe!

the beat just goes on.

And croccadile tears flow in the papers
as they’d have us wallow in fears
of wars on our borders
you can hear the gears
as they turn
and the CNN burns
with programs mucking with the reasons
behind this new season
of hatred born in poverty
fomented in ignorance
and hypocritical
that the prophet
is the only answer
to the profits of war
but be careful
for you and your own prophets
in the east and the west
will bring more deaths
to your own doors.

the beat just goes on.

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