24 thoughts on “Haiga: September 7, 2013

  1. aloha Bastet. way fun on this image. i like steps. i think it’s interesting that the steps go down as the image goes up. then the lines of the haiku go down by going up the steps.

    occasionally i have difficulty reading the haiku in the work. this has become a focus of mine for my haiga. i place my haiku under my haiga because i know some people will see the image on a small device and i want to make sure the haiku can be read. ideally i would not do that, i’d let the haiku be read IN the haiga. when i look at haiga, i try to read the haiku IN the haiga before i go to the haiku that is placed beneath the haiga. i know the size of the image on our blog is not the size the image may be intended to be when/if it is printed out and printed out it may be easily readable in the haiga.

    i think it’s good to be aware of this issue and try to account for it given that a lot of the time our blog is the only place the work may be seen for some people.

    this is one of those points that is tricky. personally, i’ve gone more and more after trying for clarity in the haiga for the words. sometimes that is done by the font i choose. or where i place the haiku. or the background it is placed on. the main experience i want for a viewer is for the viewer to be able to read the haiku in the haiga, this has become an area to focus on for me in my own work.

    i wonder if it would be possible for you to show your work a little larger (not on these you’ve already posted but in the future). that might make the reading of the haiku in the haiga a little easier in cases like this one. i think that cascade down the steps while reading is lost if the viewer has to go to the haiku below the work to make out the words. i hope that makes sense. of course there are other solutions too, what do you think? aloha


    • Iìll look into this suggestion…I should probably try to use photos, if I’m going to use them with little back-ground. If I remember I did a couple of these cascade sort of Haiga…with mixed (at best) results and in the end decided it was better to keep the Haiku together.


      • i think your photos and art works on paper (and other possibilities) all can work. altho i often place my ku together, i dont always. i think each image requires a solution to fit that specific image. figuring out that piece of the puzzle (to me) is part of the fun.


        • well, I write each haiku as I look at the finished picture photo or art work on paper, not the other way round. In a way I let the senstion that the art work create the haiku…and yes it’s fun!


          • oh. yes. i go back and forth between image and haiku to settle on each. working both sometimes. i agree, it’s that relationship that is important. what i was trying to say is that once i decide on the haiku, the placement is still part of the puzzle and even then sometimes i modify something to work out that placement. of course i’m probably thinking about placement as i work on image and words too. it’s interesting how many strings we pull together to reach the final place.

            i like your cascading lines. i think this solution works for some things beautifully and for another a different visual arrangement may be the solution. that’s what i meant by each image, really i probably should have said, i try to work out the right solution for each work.


          • Ah! Now I understand…I would like to try at least some using a Japanese writing like technique…I haven’t really come up with a way to write on the photographs or artwork that completely satisfies me…I prefer cursive to print, but then it becomes to read the Haiku at times…you’re right it is a puzzle at times!


          • yeah, i think the issue with cursive is to make it readable and yet keep it natural rather than contrived clarity. if that makes sense. some of the cursive fonts are more readable than others. it seems to me that some of that readability depends on how big the font is in the work.

            i’ve looked into making my own handwriting a font. the programs that can do this (and i havnt checked into it for a while) seemed either very expensive or very cumbersome with a lot of complex steps to it.

            my printing is more legible than my writing and with the zen brush app a stroke is more like a brush stroke in sumie. so i’ve gone to that for a lot of my haiku. in that way it becomes my own hand. i think this is an area i will continue to explore.


          • Sound interesting…I’ll have to look into the zen brush app, but I’m thinking it is part of Photoshop or the iPhone-Pad-Pod or whatever…none of which I have (well i do have an older version of photoshop but I don’t use it.) still one never knows it could be very interesting indeed…like the idea of using one’s own hand. I too tend to print better than handwrite.


          • yes. the Zen Brush app is on my iPad. which i like and use a lot. i often start in the iPad with work and then take it into my photoshop elements program on my desktop (an old iMac).

            i’ve found i prefer photoshop elements to the full version of photoshop. plus there is a big difference in price. i had the full version from about ps2 to ps6. then discovered ps elements and found it was better than the full version of photoshop i had at that time. since then i’ve gone with updating the ps elements and let the full version of photoshop go.

            i’m about to get a new computer. and i’ll see about updating some programs i use a lot too. one being photoshop elements.


          • I always shudder at the thought of having to update my computer, I’ll admit. Don’t have a Mac and the constant messing about with OS by microsoft is wearysome. I have a HP and use XP…I’ll definately resist to the bitter end to avoid going forward with their new OSs. But this doesn’t help me find a zen brush app I’m supposing.


          • yeah, i jumped from ibm clones to apples in 2006. within a couple of months i wondered why i had not do so long before. i’m still on that 2006 iMac. and it works far better than any ibm clone i’ve ever had (and i’ve had a few—in fact i had to up date them every 2 years because they’d crash and be completely gone). simply put the iMac worked the way i thought a computer should work. so yes, i’m going with another iMac. and the price, altho a little more than the ibm clone i’d want. . . . well. . . this one has lasted 7 years. and still works. with the ibm clones i had to start over each time and pay for a new one every two years. this works out a lot better on my budget and i dont think there will be the learning curve i’d have on an ibm clone altho i’ll be able to get help 24/7 if i get the package to do that. which i will for the first time. i’ve always been it for my computer knowledge. so a little help goes a long way. i’m expecting the new computer by the end of the month. fun.

            yeah, the Zen Brush app probably wont quite work for you on an ibm clone. you might look into wacom tablets. they may have something for ibm clones. they’ve come out with a wide range of tablets now from low budget to high end costs. a while ago a simple one was called the Bamboo. which looked interesting. but i dont know if it will work with the ibm clones. i had a Cintiq by wacom which i liked a lot but i ran into some difficulties and couldnt figure it out. so it sits here now. i may see if i can get it up again on the new machine. i liked working on it a lot.


          • hmm…I’ve been thinking of getting an electronic pen and drawing pad…as for keeping my computer up, I’m lucky there as I can field strip and put a computer back together in about 30 seconds well exageration a part, I have no problems there, don’t like to have to reformat though if I can possibly avoid it. I’ve had my computer since 2006 too. If I should have to get another, I’d like to try a Mac..though they’re not easily had in my area and if anything goes wrong I’d have to send it to Milan or something…shivvers…it would mean being without a computer for weeks!


          • yeah. if Macs are not easily available where you are i’d probably stick to the ibm clones too.

            i liked my Cintiq. it’s high end. but i probably wouldnt go that high now as the newer low ends can do a lot. with the iPad i got a stylist to use on it thinking i’d be more comfortable but after a month i found i preferred my finger. i havnt used the stylist since. still the pens now are probably a lot more sophisticated now than a couple of years ago. and that would be fun to explore.

            i’m not knowledgeable about the hardware. so when my computer goes i’m done. i’ve tried, but it’s just not worth the time. it’s months before i give up and as you say, being without a computer that long i begin to wonder what planet i’m on. ha. fun to think about this stuff tho. enjoy the pen and pad when you get one. aloha.


          • Thanks…been using computers since they first came out and didn’t have to crash learn anything…it just happened. Maybe by Christmas I’ll decide what to do about the pen and pad. Ciao again 😉


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