12 thoughts on “Haiga: September 8, 2013

  1. bwahahaha and aloha Bastet. i am laughing with this haiga. great point of view shot and a way fun ku. it took a moment for it all to click into place and then—oh, fun. i like when that happens in ku and haiga. way cool. aloha..


      • if i remember right, humor in haiku at one time was considered high on the list of priorities. it’s not appreciated or attempted as much now but i like haiku that keep an element of humor in the work. fun on. aloha.


        • Ach…people have gotten it into their heads that if you use humor, your writing a senryu…I wrote a piece on that for the 13th Floor Paradigm…seems that senryu isn’t even considered proper poetry in Japan.


          • a lot of boundaries are being pushed and stretched right now (imo). i dont worry about something fitting into a box properly so much as meeting my own growth and exploration needs. when i find something i like i’ll explore it. when/if that becomes solid enough that others use and explore it too, it’s likely to become a new form eventually. so i work on what i consider to be the quality of my own work, and i’ll let others decide where it fits (even tho i do label my work sometimes when i am attempting to follow to some degree a form i recognize).


          • sound philosphy. you’re probably closer to the more important aspect…personal growth rather than getting closed up in a box. 🙂


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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