Sunday Walk: September 8, 2013

Good Morning World, are you ready for our Sunday walk?  We’re back in Riva del Garda to see the Seamen’s Monument:

To The Lost at Sea

To The Lost at Sea

To arrive there we’ll come down to the old pier from the Mermaid fountain through the Piazza just across from the Fortress, which we saw earlier this week:



Here are some pylons (well they’re actuall all along the old pier). I just thought I’d add this because I liked the gull!


Walking towards the old port along the pier where fishermen used to moor their boats, we find the monument to the lost at sea.  Of course we’re very far from the sea, but because of our lake many had gone off to war as sailors.

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Along the old pier we now have some great cafès and restaurants…in case you just want to sit back and look at the lake.

The old pier

Hope you enjoyed the walk.  Have a wonderful Sunday!

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