Photography and a Tanka: Surprise!

Today I’m not in form as the British would say and so I’m blocked.  But the nice thing about having different means of expression is that if you can’t write, well, you can play with your stones or in this case your photographs.

So I was processing a rather mediocre photograph trying to find something for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

The Original

This is a shot from inside the Fortress of Riva del Garda.  The light is too bright and there is just nothing I can do with Picasa to render this photograph acceptable.  My efforts were concentrated on trying to get a result, and I didn’t really look closely at the photograph beyond it’s brightness.  In frustration I decided to invert the colors, just for the hell of it, as they say.  This was the pleasant surprise I got!




life offers humor
when I really need a laugh
a hidden protest
found in my bland photograph
makes me smile:  thanks anarchy!

2 thoughts on “Photography and a Tanka: Surprise!

    • It was such a pleasant surprise…loved the purple tree, and the people in the background are vital…and of course the secret writing made me laugh…it almost gave a title to the picture all by itself. 😉


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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