Free Verse: Anatomy of a Fanatic

Photo taken in Athens, Georgia summer of 2012

Photo taken in Athens, Georgia summer of 2012

Free Verse

Anatomy of a Fanatic

In his pursuit of purity,
Young Pharisee forgot humility,
Translating mercy into misery.
The apex of his vicious doctrine,
A spiky thorn inside his soul,
Left only blight, scorn and denial
For those whose thoughts,
He felt deviated into idolatry,
From his somber point of view.

As years passed our Pharisee,
Forgot that he was human.
He himself became an idol
His mirror was his alter.
Pursuing those he hated,
Viciously inquisitioning
Deviants, as he perceived them,
Promoting laws against worship rights
Those other rites that were not his.

He changed his name to Christian
A soldier of his faith he became,
Evangelical zealotry his mark in trade.
He roamed inside T.V. channels,
Shoe beating viciously on podiums,
Pointing out the ‘devil’s spawn’!
Of our modern age, never realizing
That he, Young Pharisee, was just an idol,
To whom followers bowed and prayed
With hatred in their and hearts brains.

Written for:  Wordle Prompt from Mind over Misery

10 thoughts on “Free Verse: Anatomy of a Fanatic

  1. Excellent job!

    I really liked
    “Translating mercy into misery.”

    Powerful statements about both government and religion about the corruption inherent in both.
    We turn a blind to our own slavery declare ourselves free but are we? Free if we do and believe as we are told. We are not even allowed to protest civilly and nonviolently in many places that doesn’t sound like freedom


  2. You might want to change the last line as it looks like the “and” was misplaced. Other than that, really biting words and terrific take on the prompt words. 🙂


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