Free Verse: Rambling of Love

Free Verse

Rambling of Love

thinking of your youthful pangs
pain that fills your heart
need unearth
the wisdom of patient a-loneness
your free and flowing spirit
your flower dancing in the breeze


this, is the magic formula
that will attract love’s bees…

youthful gifts, often wasted
not having eyes to see
sighing over hormones
with their urgent growing needs

and I,
you ask?

seeking sweet surrender
someone to be my mirror
I forgot to look inside
to love the one who loves


now my life is different
reflective meditation
guides much of my endeavors
and though I still seek love
I no longer chase it,

ah, but I remember heart-break
pain and aggravation
that youthful turmoil in my soul
and all the hurt it caused.

wish that I could help you
my best beloved boy
but only years and wisdom
will give my words
a meaning
to your aching youthful heart.

5 thoughts on “Free Verse: Rambling of Love

    • Thanks Cubby, a secret, which of course won’t be a secret anymore…I’m cleaning my categories up getting ready for a general clean-up of Bastet and Sekhment’s Library (did you notice I added Library?) when I came across this in draft! I’d forgotten it! So I tweaked a little and published it. I’m so happy you liked those 4 lines 🙂


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