Ligo Haibun Challenge:

As always, a choice..choose one: you may begin writing…now…



Her life seemed empty to her at that moment.  Each day, was just an effort to keep going, nothing seemed to interest her when these dark periods crept up on her, except her writing.

These periods usually came on her at the tail end of a stream of bickering with her husband.  According to him, all she did was waste her life spending hours writing.  If she ignored him, he’d get angrier and start picking a fight for just about anything.  She’d begin to feel the numbness grow, the feeling of hopelessness.  Then, the heaviness in her mind and chest would grow, until all she wanted to do was sleep, never wake-up.  The only thing that kept her going, was her writing.

Her best friend Janet, had taken a few of her poems with her to Dallas the day before.  She was an editorial assistant, and constantly assured Julia that she had talent.  She wanted to show them to a few of these poems to her contacts during a conference she had to attend.

The phone rang.  Julia finally answered it on the 10th ring.

“Julia, have I got news for you!  I’ve shown your poems to Bill Murphy from Schuster’s and Brittaney’s…he’s enthusiastic about your work and wants to meet you.”

“You’re kidding?”

“Nope, he wants to sign a contract with you too.  He’ll be coming home with me to meet you, tomorrow.  Come out to get us at the airport.  Our flight is arriving at 4:15. Ok?”

“Oh, I can’t believe it!  Sure I’ll be there, probably at 10:00. I won’t be late!”

“Great!  Bring along that poem you wrote about the mountains last week, and your Haiga album.  You, my dear are going to be published!”

Julia put the phone down in a happy daze. Could this then be paradise.  She sat down at her desk and began to write a poem.

just a point of view
life is sometimes
apathy or paradise

2 thoughts on “Haibun:

    • That is the point actually, very acute dear kitty. Samsara is what causes the swing from one extreme to the other…a matter of perspective. If we don’t let things become too important in either direction but remember the relativity of both…we can often keep ourselves in a state of contentment, or so I’m told 😉


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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