Friday Fictioneers: 20 September 2013

Copyright - John Nixon

Copyright – John Nixon


I went to Paducah, Kentucky last year.  Its main street  boasts many second-hand stores; shops full of someone’s memories, soon to become someone else’s present. Most of those establishments were dimly lit with creaking wooden floors.

It was the smell though that was over-powering, almost eye-watering with age and mold.  Antiquity seems to have a melancholy smell, like left-overs from by-gone days.

Someone sold Grandma’s porcelain bride doll for a few pennies.  I think she never would have parted with that doll.  It’d sat on her bed for nearly 60 years, a gift from her Dad on her wedding day.

(100 words for Friday Fictioneers)

17 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: 20 September 2013

  1. This is so sad…to see how something so cherished can be reduced to mere pennies. Antique shops seem like such sad places. I love the language you use in it, such as “melancholy left-over”…that’s brilliant. Love the whole piece. Reowr!


    • Thanks dear heart. I must admit, I’m not fond of those shops…besides that smell which really get to me. I think my sis and brother-in-law must be really taken with this stuff ’cause they took me to many of these sorts of places.


  2. Dear Georgia,

    I recently went vintage store shopping with a friend in an old part of Kansas City. The buildings where the booths were set up hadn’t been renovated. Your story put me in mind of this. Nice one.




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