FRIDAY FICTIONEERS: 27 September 2013

Copyright – Rich Voza

Copyright – Rich Voza

Friday Fictioneers

The Dream

Through a misty fog I walked; I came upon a clearing.  In the middle of the clearing I saw three doors, each a different color.  I saw each door stood alone, where might they lead?

I walk around each one.  I wondered:  could this be some strange display for a hardware store in the middle of a forest?

A voice began to recite: “Red is for passion, white is mourning, blue is cold winter’s death…”

Another said: “Red is for passion, white is for purity, blue is melancholy…”

I realized that my choice was between the Eastern and Western symbology!

Genre: Prose Poem
Word count: 100

19 thoughts on “FRIDAY FICTIONEERS: 27 September 2013

  1. Well, this was a different style for you! You have reduced our life’s choices to a philosophical tradition. If only they were so simple. So much easier to sit in our monasteries and decide these, don’t you think, instead of having to actually choose each door in our lives.


    • My style sometimes is influenced by writing Japanese type poetry I think…but I actually have different ways of writing depending on the hour of the day and the subject. This one was written in the early morning on the tail of a dream. I’d thought to write a sci-fi, but I’d just written my prompt for Pixelventures on the Metal element (white, sadness, autumn, mourning etc) all this to say, you’re completely correct. Sometimes I think I’d love to sit in a monsatery doing zazen and living the here and now…but then, I really don’t believe that’s my path…got too much to do in the world 😉


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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