Just a Note: September 30, 2013

Hello World!

As was expected, it was a busy week.  Preparations for Hubby’s exhibition is entering into its final stages!  Sisko worked up a great basic template for his pamphlet and poster (below) which we printed up and began to distribute. We’ll be able to use it latter on for when he exhibits in Rovereto.

There was the choosing of the pictures he wants to put on display…not easy as he wants to put the exhibition up in the same way he creates his pictures, bit by bit harmonizing with the showroom as he goes along.  So until we have the keys to the showroom, it’s all theoretical…but still implies hours of discussion as the photos have to be taken and processed to but into his book!  Anyway, Saturday, October the 5th is the big day and we have the keys tomorrow morning.

The  poster base...

The poster base…

If you’ve even lived with a temperamental artist, you might know that if they aren’t creating, then they need to be the center of existence in order to get the old creative juices flowing…otherwise they feel abandoned and depressed…alas at least that in 10 words is Hubby. On the other hand, once I’m in a writing vain I just fall into the netherworld and kind of get dreamy eyed…composing a story or poem even though I can’t write it down!  So in a way, he’s right to feel left out.I’m beginning to understand why all those author’s write those long thank-you notes to their spouses at the end of their books…you know the ones that begin:  I’d like to especially thank my loving spouse for the patience shown during my long absences.


Of course, I still blogged all week-long!  I’ve been a little less prolific, basically because if I don’t get my writing done by like 9:00 am I can’t write.  I do go on-line from time to time throughout the day, but I can’t get anything serious done 😦 .

Bastet and Sekhmet Library

September 24, 2013

September 24, 2013

With today I finish the September Haiga challenge and will be doing a page with all of the Haiga that can be seen together on a link on the front page.

I’m late finishing the 7 day story prompt for WDBWP…I’ve got 3 days to catch up on! And I still have to write a letter to myself and look into Lilith’s prompt and haven’t  contributed for this weeks Pixelventures.  But I did a special Sunday Pixelventures’ post! Which I forgot to reblog!

I’ve written a Rondeau Redoublé for my Special Prompt at the 13th Floor Paradigm, which I haven’t published yet, because I want to re-read it.  It’s a tricky little form actually.  I’m happy to say that Shainbird and TJ made a contribution!  Sekhmet though is not happy and has made it into a challenge, which I hope other’s will take up!

I’ve also done some short stories for: Haibun Ligo and Friday Fictioneers, and a piece for Photo Fiction.  A Quote for Ese’s Shoot and Quote,  a poem for Cubby and a couple of other things I don’t remember now :-/ .

Through the Eye of Bastet

Here I’ve been able to more or less post my photographs regularly either as challenges or special features…and I still reblog them to the Library until the blog starts having a life of its own.

Other places I write:

For the 13th Floor Paradigm, Bastet’s Sunday Writing Prompt:  Power Shorts is up and it’s in its 4th week.  Last week there were 5 great contrbutions…just go to Prompt three and click the Froggy to see who came to the party!

For the Poet’s Corner I wrote a couple of poems.  Harry who administers the Poet’s Corner has also taught me a new trick…which I’m using on this post…the “read more” tag…I found it on his other blog Dribblingpensioner.


Well, I’m sure I could tell you more, but alas, I’ve a blog to get up!  I hope you have a great week and that we’ll see each other either through comments or the Reader.  Keep on writing a taking those great pictures! And thank your spouses for their patience too!  😉


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