Monday Poetry Prompt #22: What Would You Say to You?

WDBWP prompt:

Today’s Prompt: Write a letter to yourself.

Form: Epistle.  This is totally optional.


Free Verse

letter to myself

As you lie there on the couch,
wondering what life’s all about,
feeling sad and dejected
without friends and rejected;
remember that in life,
things are not always what they seem.
You’ll grow-up to be a woman
and you’ll see some lovely things.

These days that you are passing,
will be what makes me strong…
understanding that the wrong
you suffered
could be overcome.
Your refuge in your books,
gave me a precious treasure!
Not only a way to pass the time
but a means to write myself.

One day you’ll go to Italy.
One day you’ll go to Africa.
Each land you live in
will make you grow
open up your mind.
You’ll see what sadness
really is.
You’ll find out what
is war.
And all throughout your
you’ll meet with new
that will one day take you far.

I know it’s hard to see
that your life is still worth living
but the lesson we’ll both learn
is how to be loving and forgiving.
I cannot promise
perfect happiness,
it’s not a gift that I can give,
but this
I can tell you now,
my dearest lonely girl,
you’ll not be lonely long
your life has just begun.

With love Bastet.

9 thoughts on “Monday Poetry Prompt #22: What Would You Say to You?

  1. I feel I have neglected you recently, my friend, I do appologise for not having left comment etc, I am struggling wioth the same old computer and internet problems and get so frustrasted that I give up by the time I get to you. So very sorry, I have percevered with it tonight in the hope to leave you some feedback (If the pages will flaming load!). I hope you are well, I have been thinking of you. Keep smiling and keep writing, very best wishes from Baldy 🙂


    • I know of your computer problem! Don’t fear, I know your haven’t abandoned me…it’s always great though when you can comment! You keep smiling too and don’t let the internet get you down 🙂


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  3. Dear Bastet ( and I am talking now to the person to whom you have written that beautiful letter);

    I felt your words are really stirring… You have a gift which is writing, please do never forget that… I am a huge reader and I noticed that at first sight…
    The verses liked the most are the following ones:

    “Each land you live in/ will make you grow
    and/ open up your mind.
    You’ll see what sadness/really is.
    You’ll find out what/is war.
    And all throughout your/traveling,
    you’ll meet with new/perspectives,
    that will one day take you far”…


    Your letter made me think of Kipling´s poem “If”… The rhyme and structure are quite similar, don´t you think…

    I am adding there the Pinterest link to Kipling´s poem in order that you give it a peek…

    Well then wishing you a great day;

    Cheers and thanks for sharing !

    Aquileana 🙂



    • Thankyou ever so much for your loving and encouraging commet! I hadn’t noticed that this poem in rhyme and structure was similar to “If” which is one of my favorite poems, so maybe subconsciously I honored Kipling! Thanks for the link!

      Cheers to you too…and must say, that is a cool sketch you did there! 😉


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