Free Verse: without words

Free Verse

without words

they tell me that the American Gov
has decided to close down for lack of grub
no money for their daily affairs
(wonder if the congressmen still get their shares?)
seems that “we the people”
just pay out good money
for a service that pays off for the rich
poverty growing, sacrifices needed
by the lower classes, the poor
for I don’t think that the monied whores
will be giving a dime
at this or at any time.

papers are full
of hyped up hullabaloo
distracting the minds
from the problems at hand
creating anguish
and anger and fear
making us wonder about
the wisdom of rulers
who are just wasting
money on war
and defunct banks
while the people who pay
every single day
for their ineptitude
lose their homes
and take to the streets.

pardon me if I don’t seem impressed
by the newest idiotic beaux gests
of government leaders that cater to banks
and keep asking the people for more sacrifice
when I see that all the measures they take
from Greece to the mighty U.S. of A.
are aimed to fleece the people one more time
so the banks don’t lose even a dime
of their profits
on the backs
of the people who’ve worked all their lives
and paid through the nose to keep the boat
while the corrupt just blithely go on
“business as usual and let’s cover our asses!”

I remain without words at the stupidity
of the believers in a system that’s rotten.

16 thoughts on “Free Verse: without words

  1. Woosh! I feel the anger and frustration lying beneath your words. Taxpayers’ monies used to fund wars and wars while in return little is guaranteed.

    Powerful words i must say.


  2. Ah, if only it were really so bad! One could chuck it all and move to the mountains, live like a survivalist and – wait, aren’t those the very loonies we’re on about? The root of our problem, in my opinion, is that no one is satisfied any more unless they get *all* of what they want. It seems to me you’ve fallen into the “pox on all their houses” trap. There’s a lot that’s bad about the government, but a lot that’s good, too. Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater (aren’t I full of cliches today!)


    • Ah…if I lived in the U.S. and had to do with the U.S. Gov, I’d probably be less angry. Nothing is ever really so bad for some people. Personally, I’ve lived in worse situations than most people in the U.S. ever have and at the moment I live in a great situation, better than a whole lot of people. That doesn’t pursuade me that the system isn’t messed up and corrupted. Of course one surely can find something workable in any system if one looks hard enough, just look at Italy in the 30s. Of course, this may just be one of my passing phases do to overwork. I usually do without the news, better to be surprised than the daily idiotic clap trap that one gets every single day and as for cliches, politics is the opium of the people and a pox on all their houses! 😉


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