List Poem: October 2, 2013

List Poem

October 2, 2013

printed posters
printed pamphlets
finished printing captions for the album
pasted captions in the book
made pizza dough for dinner
spent 3 hours placing pictures,
on the walls of the gallery
did the thursday evening lesson
printed lesson
saved the clips
sent the lesson by e-mail
read my comments
replied to comments
read some posts
commented posts
read my e-mail
(well at least some of it)
ate the pizza that my men baked
took a shower
went to bed…
slept awhile
and I’m here again!

The work for my husband’s exhibition, that will be inaugurated on the 5th of October, is nearly completed…tomorrow and Saturday morning I’ll be preparing of the snacks etc for the Saturday evening opening!  Sunday…I hope will be a day of rest!  😉

Day 3: OctPoWriMo

10 thoughts on “List Poem: October 2, 2013

    • Ah…that was implied when I talked about reading comments etc and the end line…and here I am again! Obviously writing a poem…truthfully though been up to my ears with this exhibition and can’t wait ’til it opens, I’ll have more me time.


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