Group Effect: Ninja Stuff-Finding Radar

Group Effect

Ninja stuff-finding radar

My man wouldn’t get far
Without my Ninja stuff-finding radar.
When he needs something you see,
Helplessly, he relies completely on me,
’cause I’m a woman.

Frantic – he looks for his keys or his socks!
Panic hits – he can’t find what he wants!
Finally I move forward – I turn on that radar,
Skillfully with panache I find what he’s lost,
’cause I’m a woman.

Doubtless women can lose things too.
But they just keep on looking without further ado.
Searching they move things until the lost is found.
No one feels awestruck, this just doesn’t astound,
’cause they’re women.

Now men are a different breed altogether.
How can we expect them to find things at all?
Unless there’s a woman with her Ninja radar,
Stress overpowers them, leaves them agape,
’cause they’re not woman.

So my dear ladies don’t be surprised.
When once married you suddenly find,
That you’ve got magic powers built right inside.
That finds all those things no husband can find,
’cause you’re a woman.


Dedicated to Barb Taub I should really say that this poem wouldn’t exist if it hadn’t been for Barb’s very funny Post written yesterday, and it was while we were commenting that she came up with “Ninja Stuff-finding radar”.  Thanks Barb!

OctPoWriMo 2013: Day 4

33 thoughts on “Group Effect: Ninja Stuff-Finding Radar

  1. I laughed a little bit to this, because it is true. My husband does not understand why I always know where everything is 😀 A fantastic poem, thank you for sharing!


    • Grazie mille! I hope you looked at the link to Barb’s post..she was really the inspiration of the whole poem, and I owe the title to her…I’m going to have to edit and get that out more clearly.


    • I’m ROFLing! What an honet guy you are sir! i do hope you had a look at Barb’s post…it was very funny and whilst we were commenting she came up with this Ninja Stuff.Finding Radar…


  2. Not sure if it is a woman thing or a mom thing or if the kids watch how dad can’t find anything and turns to awe inspiring mom who finds it for him and then decides to do the same. Love the flow and funny. =)


  3. I’m literally LOL at this! When I read the line “Frantic he looks for his keys or his socks!”, I misread it as “Frantic he looks for his keys IN his socks!” and thought HEY I know that guy! This also gave me a sense of a humorous version of Maya Angelou’s poem “Phenomenal Woman”. LOVE this!


    • Wow…thanks very much for sharing your lapsus…seems like something my other half would do too! The funniest thing is when whatever it is happens to be right in front of him, except maybe theirs a glass that blocks the view. 🙂


  4. Lol! I think I need to find myself a husband…get myself some of those magic wife powers; I figure they kick in with the ring? Like Green Lantern or something?

    Seriously…you made me laugh! Wonderful poem! I liked the repeating refrain…’cause I’m a woman (with its various renditions). 🙂


    • Thanks for the comment! I don’t know if it comes with the ring…don’t personally use one, but believe me, a large proportion of the male population lose their finding capacities once they’re married … thanks for the comment on the refrains…I invented the group effect this summer following a prompt, so that makes me especially happy! 🙂


  5. Reblogged this on Barb Taub and commented:
    My friend Bastet can make hilarious and moving poetry from anything. But I think she’s outdone herself with this ode that grew out of an exchange of comments from my last post.


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