Sedoka: evening news


evening news

the evening news
really discourages me
sapping my inspiration

no information
augments people’s ignorance
fomenting dictatorships


“The sedōka, or “head-repeated poem,” consists of two tercets of five, seven, and seven syllables each. An uncommon form, it was sometimes used for dialogues. Kakinomoto Hitomaro’s sedōka are noteworthy. Chōka and sedōka were seldom written after the 8th century.”  Encyclopaedia Britannica.

written for Poet’s Corner

2 thoughts on “Sedoka: evening news

  1. A somber sedoka. I watched on the news last night that a woman was shot and killed by police officers while her 1-year-old daughter was in the car. They said that because she was using her car as a weapon, they had the right to shoot her. Why couldn’t they just blow the tires out? Makes no sense to me.


    • Exactly…and it makes no sense to me either. I usually avoid TV news, somehow seems more bad gossip and has nothing to do with what I really need to know.


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