7 thoughts on “Bastet’s Writing Prompts: Power Shorts 5

  1. Dang it! I had to look up the word Dsytopic…thanks for teaching me a new word. Might just give this a shot as I’ve been working on I-stories for publication and am trying to get the knack of cutting pieces down to 150 words or less.


      • Let me get a little bit better and I’ll look the final copy over again for the train story…don’t give up on it! And I-story is much like you described in your post…the reader must feel that they read a whole story in 150 words or less. Not easy to do!


        • My dear lady…that’s what I’ve been doing for months, and francky speaking didn’t think there was an any better market for them than poems…I started writing the power shorts to get around my verbosity, and found that I like the outcome, they’re interesting exercises.


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