Just a Note! October 7, 2013

Hello World!


Most of you who follow this blog already know that I’ve been sorely divided between my work and my husband’s.  As a graphic artist, he sometimes worries that my writing work is too ethereal.  Just yesterday he once again expressed his idea that it would be so much better if I did some “real” art again.  He, as many, are effected by the negative feelings that Internet seems to be creating.  The idea is that Internet, yes is a great thing, but…and then there’s the list of how it’s ruining the world of human contact.  My opinion is this:  once poets and artists met through their work, if they could publish or show it, sometimes they grouped, if they lived close enough together.  Often though, one wrote or painted alone, never being able to share the work with one’s peers.


This week, I’ve reflected often on the fact that my writing and photography are actually my life’s work.  It’s a pleasant job, I have my dead-lines, my projects, and the hours writing my posts, reading mail, reading other authors and artists and researching.  Now, if I were paid for this, it probably would be considered to have a value.  As I do it for my pleasure, it’s considered a sort of hobby, a pass time and incredibly without value.

Blogging, at least in my case, has opened up a lot of different fields of creativity plus I’ve learnt a lot about the different aspects of presenting one’s work through software both in processing photography as working with the layout and format of the blog itself.  There are a lot of programs that I’ve begun to use, and other’s I’m contemplating, since I began blogging.  I still want to publish outside the blog, so I’ll have to look into the various aspect of publishing I suppose…that is daunting and so I hold back and procrastinate!


I’m participating this month in the OctPoWriMo 2013!  I do love these daily affairs and this one is very close to my heart.  I’ve not yet written my weekly Haibun and the Friday Fictioneer piece was not up to standard, but I was able to write an interesting Prompt for the 13th Floor Paradigm. I haven’t been able to participate yet in the Weekly Photo Challenge and it’s really a great prompt dedicated to Good Mornings!  In fact in general Through the Eye of Bastet is a little abandoned at the mo.

As for reading other people’s work…well that is really erratic!  I have been able more or less keep up with comments, but I’ve not been able to read any my favorite posts and very little of the reader, which I only opened once or twice last week.

On the positive side!  We bought a color laser printer to print up the posters and leaflets for the Exhibition…and that means I’ll be putting together my physical haiga book and a photo album of my more interesting photographs!  Printing photographs is very expensive in Italy, so this is a great boon!

Now for my favorite writers!

Barb Taub inspired me with her fantastic humor last week with her “Top Ten Reasons for Men to get Married” the result was my Group Effect Poem: “Ninja Stuff-Finding Radar“!

At the Poet’s Corner Harry put up a  Tetractys challenge which I stumbled upon by chance reading some great Teractys poems…and wrote “Double Tetracytys: Africa” and “The Exhibition“.

Thanks to Backpack’s Travel Theme I published “Travel theme: High“.

Cubby has put up a great prompt for the Rondeau Challenge, which I haven’t ben able to do yet, but Shainbird did with “Vibrations” and it was a great read…also thanks to Shainbird I saw another of my favorite bloggers Color me Cyanide and Cherry has come up with Black and White Friday.

Sahm’s  WDBWP poetry prompt was really great this week, but I haven’t had time to write it off and will be late :-/ Not to even speak about the 7 day short story prompt, which I started and didn’t finsh…and this week’s story prompt, which I’ve only reblogged….

I’d like to give a special hug to ME Mahon, who’s been having a rough time lately!  And to Sweetness 6645, because she is!

By the way…I forgot to push publish on my Paint the Town Red yesterday…just found out now whilst looking for links (“ARGHHHHHHHHHH!”)  that said let’ go for the:


Ok…I’ve got to run…a million things to do, but this period will pass!  In the meantime, have fun, keep writing, pull out your cameras and make some great photographs…I’ll see you tomorrow at Pixelventures on WDBWP!

Ciao!  Bastet


28 thoughts on “Just a Note! October 7, 2013

  1. Everything that wakes beauty, love, kindness and jsut that sparkly, glittery feeling, that deep flow of a soul’s river – is most certanly valuable and such is your poetry, your photographs, challenges, your friendship. Do we suffer from the pixel and the screen and the internet? Hell yes. Most amazing would be that all of us would sit once a week in a huge ballroom, have drinks and share our work with each other – on notes, canvases etc, but we cannot do that and internet gives us an oportunity to still connect anyways and learn and grow with one another. If we did not have it, like you said, we would be just us and our work alone.


    • Thanks for your comment…I agree whole heartedly…it’s easy to sit back and say that internet and its communities are a useless waste of time. Fact is, although there may be a lot of fuffa, as in all human activities if one thinks about it, there is also a lot of sincere feedback, exchange of ideas and techniques as well as honest friendship that really helps keep a person motivated and not isolated.


      • There are other stuff also. There is always a debate wether children should be let to use the internet and when and etc and I always support them using, together with their parents – because when I did not know something, when I heard of a book and wanted to read it – the library was closed and nobody even told me to go there, when i asked it ended with “I don’t know” replies. The internet completely changed this for me.
        My cousin was very bad at English. Thanks to the internet, he now speaks decent English, which he says, he was never taught at school nor any peers bothered to actually teach him.
        Art galleries here open once in a million years, but the expirience, for me was always terrible. Both my sister and my brother finished graphic design schools and going to their shows was horrid. Because people were so unwelcoming, so rude, they looked like they did not give a shit about the visitors or the show at all (unless you offered them money for a picture of theirs). At internet, this would not be the only gallery exibition – there is milions of them and I would rather see the work of someone who loves what they are doing.


        • I agree there are really some great advantages to having the Internet…on line dictionaries, translaters, thesaurus’, libraries, there is just so many great things that just a short time ago were difficult to have access to. Outside of our region, the rest of Italy has a really poorly run public library system, and books cost a lot, so many people just don’t read…and the youtube…great music, interesting films and documentaries…shall I go on? 😉


  2. As I have mention before, I’m not a poetry reader – some I can relate too .. the short ones – but I think this post is fantastic … how you praises your friends and fellow bloggers that is important to your development as author – so beautiful done … and for being important to you in overall.


  3. Awwww, thank you. I do feel though that blogging does have a value and through it I have met some really cool people. I am always astounded at the level of creativity here at WordPress. There are some really talented folks on here and without WordPress, I would not know about them 🙂


  4. I’ve believe the work done that is most pleasing to oneself is invaluable and priceless and compensates in ways unimaginable. Keep up your wonderful work in which I take delight! Thank you also for the mention, truly an honor. Ciao Georgia 🙂


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