For Bastet’s Writing Prompts: Power Shorts

The genre for Bastet’s Writing Prompts is: Dystopian Political Fantasy…

The Camps

What are those rows of low dank buildings?

There live the subversive sub-humans who refuse to partake in a true democratic society.  If allowed to walk among honest citizens we’d return to the dark ages.  They believe themselves artists sometimes poets.  Yet, they refuse sacred scriptures and TV unlike true artists!

For 15 hours each day the dissidents receive instructions on honest living: how to buy on credit, reality TV, political purity etc are taught.

The democratically elected government in its wisdom has recycled their leaders. Still, they proliferate like rats and new leaders arise.  They call themselves: freedom writers.

3 thoughts on “For Bastet’s Writing Prompts: Power Shorts

  1. There is some html script right after the photo that somehow managed to sneak into your post. I hate it when that happens. Love the language in the power short. Especially love that last sentence. 🙂


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