Quatern: feline nature

Feline Nature


Feline nature

Daily I walked alone and free
And problems I had not a one.
Living and working just for me,
Everything was much more fun.

I managed my time as I pleased
Daily I walked alone and free
No one to blandish or appease
None with whom I’d to disagree

With him there’s little space for me,
For  I have a feline’s nature.
Daily I walked alone and free,
Limitations don’t make me purr.

Always to have to compromise
Just makes me want to shout and flee
Return to feline paradise…
Daily I walked alone and free.

For Quatern and Challenge by Cubby

7 thoughts on “Quatern: feline nature

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  2. Truly beautiful and genuine…my wife says that I remind her sometimes of a caged cat, she has always realized that she cannot control me, for i always have to keep moving, trying new things, serving new people, embracing new friends with a genuine spirit. I am a spirit that does not fly to far from the nest…I am my blessed Fathers child. You are a wonderful and gifted talent. It is a blessing to read your poetry…thanks!


    • I thank you for sharing this wonderful comment with me and am happy you enjoyed this poem. I know the feelings you speak of very well. I hope you will enjoy visiting. Peace.



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