Quatern: Black and White World


Black and White World

Tired…I want a black and white world.
Without angry passionate reds!
Gone forever dark blue sadness!
Hide from me the green of envy!

A life without shades of somber grey,
Tired…I want a black and white world.
Gone those saturated contrasts,
Give me a world of neutral tones.

A world of unified belief,
Without strife, war and injured grief.
Tired…I want a black and white world.
Of common goals and forbearance.

I’m weary of this mortal coil,
And lest I soon should look away,
I feel that I must surely expire!
Tired…I want a black and white world.

For Black and White Friday

6 thoughts on “Quatern: Black and White World

  1. This sounds very relatable to me. Even tho it is a bad mood kind of topic and sentiment, I think it is better to let it out through wonderfully crafted poetry then let it smother us from inside.


    • Yes, I was really out of sorts…I’d prefer to post things not too heavy as the world is heavy all by its lonesome…but I was really down…one just gets up to here sometimes…and so out it came…I’m glad you thought it well crafted and it is much better to let things go sometimes.


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