Just a Note: October 14, 2013

Hello World!

Almost dead center in the month of October…and it seems like I should still be in May!

Sekhmet my travel computer

Sekhmet my travel computer

This week has been full and I do mean full.  Seems as the world is teetering on the edge of disaster, I’m here just plodding along trying to keep my blogs up and contribute where I’ve promised, with maybe indifferent results at times… still even a stokanovista (read workaholic) has to bow to a 24 hour day reality.

I did notice that at times editing went on a skid, and thanks to Cubby was able to correct a couple of posts.  Then I kept forgetting some of my daily posts!  Still this too shall pass and the passing will happen on Saturday when the art exhibition will fold up until….May 2, 2014!  That’s right, a new exhibition is in the works for that date, this time in Rovereto.  That gallery has two rooms and I will be putting up my work in one of the rooms!

I’ve not been able to keep up with my reader at all.  If I thought I had problems before, they proved nothing at all compared to this week.  The gallery doesn’t have wi-fi and so, yes I was able to write a couple of pieces (two are here incomplete because people came in to see the pictures and I had to stop writing) but reading and publishing had to wait until I got home, not good as afternoons are not my writing time.  You see, I do the morning shift at the gallery, the time I do most of my writing, when my mind more or less works.  On Friday morning, the day after I didn’t look at my computer at all in the evening, at 4:30a.m., I had over 700 e-mails to read, honestly, I thought a good cry would be in order!

I’ve also discovered that reading other people’s posts is a very important to my work.  Sometimes reading your posts stimulates my muse.

Today, I’ve got a whole day to myself as we’ve decided that Monday morning is vacation day and I want to get some work done here, so I’m cutting short “Just a Note”.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks to all of you who have kept on reading even if I haven’t been visiting your blogs.  You’re a great bunch of people!

Ciao, Bastet!




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