(Modified) Minute Poem: Blogging

(Modified) Minute Poem


This is just another morning
dreamt a poem
read the reader
wrote some comments

Maybe today’s somehow special
process photos
submit a post
search out a rhyme
write power shorts

Didn’t put up my weekly prompt
sit back and think
reflect and search
just go forward
I’ll do it now

OctPoWriMo 2013: Day 14

6 thoughts on “(Modified) Minute Poem: Blogging

  1. Sounds like a busy blogger’s morning! I liked the flow of this and looked it up for further details, and I think the rhyming version may become a future challenge. I love how you tackle so many different forms. 🙂


    • I like playing with the forms but when I’m in a hurry I get impatient with iambic, pentameter, etc ’cause quite frankly I can’t figure the darn stuff out! So I play it by ear and what comes out comes out. Hope to see your challenge soon (just explain what in mercy’s name iambic is supposed to look like!)


    • There are days I’m not even sure how I get the posts up at all…it’s as you say scamble whenever i find a few minutes alone…ahhh…a woman’s work is never done and so how much more i appreciate your comment here! Thanks so much for sharing!


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