Haibun: Autumn Snow


Autumn Snow

We’d travelled throughout the day only stopping briefly to give the horses a rest.  The clouds grew heavier as the day wore on, the wind colder and soon we knew that we’d not be able to reach town by nightfall.

“Better make camp whilst there’s still light I’d say.” said Winston.

No one argued with him, he being the guide and expert of the region.  We found a tree sheltered area.

“No, not near the trees…it’s too dangerous.”

So we found another area which Winston found acceptable.

The storm began at midnight, lightning flashed spooking the horses, and it was a good thing we’d tethered them well.  The wind howled and it seemed that the banshees was about.  The rain soon turned to snow, though we were yet in early autumn.  It was a wild night to be sure. Perhaps my companions could sleep, I certainly could not.  Near dawn, the storm began to wear itself out, and the wind calmed to a whisper lulling me to sleep at last.

When my companions woke me, it was light, though difficult to see anything for the fog.

We took down our camp and without eating anything, mounted our horses.  Less than half an hour later, we road out of the clouds:

sun shines brightly
on early autumn snow
my heart sings

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in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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