Free Verse: withered beauty

withered beauty

withered beauty

Free Verse

withered beauty

 looking at her now
you’d have to say
that she was a beauty
back in her day…

now weathered and tattered
do you think that it mattered
if she’d hundreds of beaux
who searched out her hand?

she was a will-o-the-wisp
calling all with her beauty
basking in sunshine in lilac
but slowly she faded…

now she stands here in beige
and thinks back on the days
when all bowed down before her
but now no one looks twice.

OctPoWriMo 2013: Day 16

19 thoughts on “Free Verse: withered beauty

  1. Hm…I don’t think I could ever have been described as a beauty, and I surely wasn’t one who had lots of guys chasing after me. At this point in my life, I’d just a soon none of them did! 😉
    That’s certainly a lovely picture!


    • It was the photo that inspired the poem…I pass near this bush very often on my walks..the beaux were the bees that loved that bush. I agree with you on all the above…and I certainly DO NOT want guys chasing after me…takes up too much time 😉


  2. Very nice and love the photo as well…I find so much beauty is withering away these days…so sad and yet the process is still so beautiful…I can’t stop clicking my camera on my way to work.


  3. Haunting. Do you ever find yourself just looking at someone…usually an older someone and not someone you know…and wondered what they were like way back when? I do…and this really struck me with that kind of wistful daydream quality.


    • you’ve caught the essence I think! One often hears..”she must have been a beauty in her day” I used the wilted flowers in the same way thinking of one of those many encounters in life when one says: “she must have been…” Thanks for your comment!


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