Grandma Sophia


Markus walked along the field looking for left over potatoes.  Winter would be cold, and money in short supply. Yesterday he’d gone looking for the grapes left on the vines. Tomorrow, he’d go into the woods for chestnuts.

Grandma Sophia came from the old country and still wore her babushkaHe used to laugh at her old ways.  No longer, she knew how to preserve the food they brought home.  In spring she’d wine-glassed bird’s eggs, now she was drying the grapes, making raisins.  She’d gotten him to fill boxes with sand for the potatoes.

Winter wouldn’t be bad.

Word count: 99

Written for: Trifecta prompt: Week 99

2 thoughts on “Grandma Sophia

  1. Ah, I am glad your story shows a young person learning from the wisdom of the elderly. We can all learn from those who have lived much longer than we have. Excellent power short! Loved it. 🙂


    • Thanks…in our present era of abundance and crisis I thought it would be interesting…I’m wondering if anyone though to find out what wine-glassing is 😉


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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