Haibun: The Swings


The Swings

We bought the children’s swing set when they were respectively 4 and 2 years old.  It was a lovely spring day and laughing, we read the silly instructions twice before we were able to mount the frame and swings.  Mary Ellen loved flying into the air on her special seat, Michael felt he was quite the man, now that he could use “the big kids” swing.

spring play
children seek the clouds
hearts joyfully laugh

The summer Michael went to camp for the first time, Mary Ellen’s friends Suzanne and Carol came to visit for the week. They played “circus” in the garden, taking turns swinging on the one swing.  The baby seat was reserved for their dolls and stuffed animals.  Suzanne did try to give Maaooo the cat the thrill of flying, but he didn’t seem to appreciate the idea.  Later that afternoon I took them to the ice cream parlour for tea.

summer games
imaginary circus
flying cat and ice cream

First snow fell early that year.  Mary Ellen and Michael were both home from college.  We roasted chestnuts over the wood fire and reminisced.  John had died that autumn.   I lived alone, except during school holidays.  I gazed out the back terrace door looking at the old rusted swing set as the snow gently fell.

winter’s frost
sitting with memories
chestnuts sweet by the fire

4 thoughts on “Haibun: The Swings

    • Thanks…I wrote it for the Ligo Haibun challenge, but alas, this week I was terribly late in participating every where :-/ been a blasted busy week. Thanks for your Reowr, appreciate it!


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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