Walking Blind

I walk up and down stairs in the dark, practice pouring water with my eyes closed and buy audio books.
I’m terrified of becoming blind, so I practice, make provisions.
One never knows.

Word Count: 33

This weekend’s prompt: Use 33 words to describe what scares you (or your character). This is my fear, and one I hope I never have to face.

Head on over to Trifecta and check out the other entries, and enter something yourself if the mood strikes you.

Written for the Trifecta Weekend Challenge

30 thoughts on “Walking Blind

    • 😉 I’ve been doing at least some of these since I was around 13…not sure Iknow why, I think it was around the time I read Heidi, grandmother was blind and Peter had to read for her…shivver at the idea of having to rely on someone to read to me…people don’t have a lot of time and I’m a readerholic!


  1. oh wow, I remember doing this as a child on field trips and as school projects. Preparing for it almost invites it, I would be scared to do it, for fear that it would happen. It’s a circle of one thing being brought by another. (that makes me extremely superstitious doesn’t it?”

    great take on the prompt.


    • Thanks for your comment first of all. Here in Italy, many have the same opinion, I can understand it though. So far, it hasn’t brought on the dreaded consequences and I’m 61 so…who knows, maybe it worked the other way around! 😉


  2. Making provisions out of fear… Intriguing. Well sometimes, I do practice walking, my eyes closed… and take sense of the surroundings by the feel of air.
    Interesting write.


      • I have lost my hearing. I am an avid lip reader. Going blind terrifies me because there goes my communication. Hearing has it’s advantages though, like being able to click the kid’s noise off when they are too loud or too argumentative, LOL.


        • Well, now I can imagine that you’ve got a better reason for being nervous about blindness than I do. To be cut off from the world completely would not be scary to me, it’s be terrifying. Nice to have met you and thanks for commenting! Georgia!


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