Ligo Haibun Challenge: Word Prompt

Līgo Haibun Challenge – Word Prompt the prompt words for this week:

Treasure           OR           Despair.

Journey into Despair

Julius drove up the Al-Can highway not far from Anchorage.  He’d passed Eagle river more or less an hour before and was driving towards the Canadian border to the north.  He’d enjoyed his, and now wanted to culminate his adventure walking through some of the endless virgin forests he’d flown over during a plane tour of southern Alaska.

He’d been warned that one could easily become disorientated, there are no specific landmarks once inside the forest and compasses are useless. However, he felt quite confident that if he had any problems all he’d have to do was make a phone call for help.

He parked his car and walked confidently into the forest, with his backpack full of provisions and his mobile phone holstered onto his belt.

The State Troopers found his abandoned auto that evening.  A search party was formed and a police helicopter started to fly over the area to look for the car owner at dawn.

Julius was never found.  There are no repeaters in that area, his phone was useless.

 travelling strange paths
among faceless trees
desperately lost in illusion

n.b. This is a bit of fiction but when I was growing up in Alaska, every so often someone would decide to go hunting or walking in the forests and never be found again.  However, I’ve not been back to Alaska in over 40 years; this story is a metaphor.


15 thoughts on “Ligo Haibun Challenge: Word Prompt

  1. Your haibun reminds everyone that natureis not only soft and beautiful – not only to be admired. When we challenge nature we need to get it right. Leaving next to forests near the Arctic Cirxle I understand this. Your haiku fit nicely.


    • Thanks very much for your comment! Yes, we tend to idealize nature and so create illusions of warm and lovely and to be admired however we often do not consideri the nature of nature and lack respect in all senses.


  2. The beauty of nature that has many secrets, many paths human being don’t know about and never are supposed to. When there’s eagerness to discover, have to be ready for consequences, unfortunately. Powerfully written and your haiku knits it all together.


  3. it happens even after repeated warnings to take precautions and at least travel with buddies. very realistic haibun. i can see it easily happening.


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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