Tetractys: tempering temper


tempering temper

two three
four five six
you’re wondering
what is she doing now and I’ll tell you
breathing, counting just holding my temper
counting before
oh well

OctPoWriMo 2013 day 23 prompt

n.b. I don’t know about you, but counting to keep my temper never works…in fact I usually just feel more frustrated 😉

5 thoughts on “Tetractys: tempering temper

  1. Lol very creative! I’ve never tried counting to control my temper, but I rarely ever lose my temper. I can get a little snappy if I’m really grumpy though. Great poem! 🙂


    • Don’t usually lose it myself, but they always say count to ten before you react. The times when I’ve been really grumpy by the time I got to ten I was furious…therefore the title tempering temper 😉


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