At The Akashic Library: The Johari Window


Sekhmet had set up an easel on the lawn of the Akashic library.  She held  her paint brush up before her, one eye open.

“Whatever are you doing Sekhmet?” asked Bastet rather perplexed, Sekhmet not being renowned for her artistic talents.

I am going to paint a Johari Window!” she replied haughtily.

“Isn’t that a sort of psychological game.  You know, where you describe yourself in 4 points?”

“Not at all!  It’s about knowing perspective.  That’s why I’m measuring with my paint brush. So I can get the perpective right!”

“I do remember distinctly that it’s about how you see yourself in the world compared to how people see you!  In that sense they’re talking about perspective”

“Oh really Miss Know it All!  I just asked Johari if I could paint one of his windows, I’m sure he would have told me if I were to paint myself in the window too!”

There was nothing for Bastet to do but go and read a book.

For the Promptless: Johari Window

Suggested Prompts:

  • Share one, or all, of your areas with us
  • Show us a picture that represent perception
  • Compare a self-perspective to an outside-world-perspective
  • Describe yourself from the perspective of a stranger
  • … or make up your own related prompt!

Participants in Kintsukuroi:

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