Acrostic: River Sarca


River Sarca

River Sarca flows calmy throughout the year.
nside it’s narrow grassy banks…
Venturing from Santa Columba,
Emptying into Lake Garda.
Recreation to both man and beast.

Suddenly without warning,
Another side of  the Sarca comes to light,
Raging brown waters roars past angrily,
Charging through Arco with uprooted trees…
And  men tremble before the river’s might.

flood-horizonWritten for Poet’s Corner

4 thoughts on “Acrostic: River Sarca

    • Thanks…I was trying to tell a story as briefly as possible using the river’s name…I like to play with acrostics, one of the first forms I wrote for WDBWP


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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