Free Verse: She

Memory 1954Free Verse


she was just a little thing
yet so full of understanding
she was mommy’s little confidant
before she could even walk
she talked at 9 months old
speaking like a grown-up
logical I guess
as she’d been
the only person
mommy could even talk to
from the day that she was born.

lonely and abandoned
living a hermit’s life
except for her little confidant
for the first year’s
of the child’s life
she had no one to talk to
she had no one to love
and so the little lady
became her mommy’s mom.

unfortunately for all
her mommy went to work
her daddy had a breakdown
he became an alcoholic..
she looked on in confusion
not realizing at all
that the grown-ups were
and it was not her fault at all.

she grew to be a woman
she left her home and family
travelled over the planet
and discovered a saner life
she married and divorced
she then went into
there finally to discover
that life is not her burden
and each must walk alone
his daily
chosen path.

OctPoWriMo 2013: day 27

14 thoughts on “Free Verse: She

    • Think that it’s even difficult to teach in schools, besides they don’t do very well often teaching what they do teach ;-)…yes, it’s only an instinct thing up to a certain point I’m afraid.


  1. So sad, yet beautiful. I can definitely relate as my own memoir is filled with emotional gullt from my own mother. We all seem to be products of our environments and then it becomes up to us to muddle through and figure it all out or become a repeating part of the pattern. Nice share! 🙂


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