Epitaph Poem: Here lies…

© Ayer James

© Ayer James

Prompt: Write an epitaph poem.  It can rhyme or not. It can be funny if you’d like. It can be about a fictional character or a well-known person who has passed. You can choose to write about a beloved pet or a loved one you wish to pay tribute to or you can simply make it spooky for Halloween.  And if spooky is where you’re headed…a little tip: imagine it being read by Vincent Price or Christopher Walken. I think that’s a pretty good litmus test. Have a ghoulish good time!

Epitaph Poem

Here lies…

Here lies my poor Pizza..
It had taken me hours to make
Unfortunately the timer was off…
And it’s been burnt now to a crisp.

Ah, that we should linger here,
Looking at what should have been,
A wholesome mixture of flour and yeast
With rich tomato sauce, mozzarella
mushrooms and ham…
and a dash of oregano.

A good beginning…
It rose for 5 whole hours…
It took its shape upon the kitchen table:
Thin crusted it would have been.
Lovingly executed, round and delightful.
Alas that fatal moment when…
Along came the horrible disaster!

Popped into the oven,
Put the timer on and then,
Trusting it beyond wisdom
I went to write my blog…
It was only when the room filled,
With blinding acrid smoke, that
I remembered the Pizza,
Though Pizza it was no more.

Alas, alas, our tears are bitter,
Especially as we think of the somber, yes,
The very sad alternative…
Peanut and jelly sandwiches…bleerch

Written for OctPoWriMo october 29 Prompt

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