Free Verse: They…books are also me

fiction sectionFree Verse

They…books are also me

Walking down the road of my life
many have had their influence
from parents to my many friends
and all the lovely books I’ve read…

I started out with Dr. Seuss
and with his funny hatted cat
I remember green eggs and ham
and all the laughs and fun I had…

Later came the small Borrowers
The Bobsey and the Boxcars twins
“The Pink Hotel” my first mystery
“The Hobbit” when I was thirteen.

“The White Lotus” made me ponder
the powers of non-violence…
“Walden’s Pond” on contemplation,
with Frost and his “Road Not Taken”.

Years tumbled by, I stumbled long
And each author left me something
From Lao Tzu to Dalai Lama
Buddha entered into my life

Karl Marx, Hegel, Heidegger, Stein,
Nietzsche and Freud, Jung and Wilhelm Reich
Chomsky, Zinn, Jared Diamond
and Capra…are a part of me.

If  Baricco and ms Nothomb
influence my daily thinking
Don’t forget Agatha Christie
And that French master Daniel Pennac!

Terry Prachett (he’s my hero)
and his witty friend Neil Gaiman
made me laugh and made me shivver…
(Neil even wrote for Dr Who)!

I could go on, and on and on…
So many have I encountered
Each one a contribution made
To who I am and soon will be.

OctPoWriMo 2013:  Day 29


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