Dungeon Prompts: Ottava Rima – You

This week for Dungeon Prompts:

“Any inspired offering that somehow relates to the idea of a friend.”

Ottava Rima


As I walk along life’s lonely pathway,
You’re bright smile forever a guiding light.
In times of my triumph or in dismay,
Your gentle nature helps me to rewrite
Those stories that would end unhappily,
Seeing the world more compassionately.

When your daily trials seem to soffocate,
You, come to me with your troubled heart.
We sit and talk then the clouds dissipate.
You go on your way and I too depart,
Forgetten the sadness, ready to face,
Whatever life offers us to embrace.

We laugh together despite the darkness,
When we are together the world is sweet,
No troubles bow us in heavy blackness,
Respect guides our meetings, we are discrete.
You can always call, you can count on me.
Here dear, let me get you a cup of tea.

8 thoughts on “Dungeon Prompts: Ottava Rima – You

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    • 🙂 life is easier when one has a confidant, someone who bonds well with you, for me true friendship is that exchange of support and understanding that two people are able to build up.


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