Free Verse: Daily Blog


Sekhmet my travel computer

Sekhmet my travel computer

Free Verse

Daily Blog

Funny I always write a blog a day
Now, just when I thought I’d officialize
I realize
I’ve got nothing to say…
What a way to begin a day!
So, I’ll just pretend
That in the end
I’m writing my posts
Without any hosts…
Then cross my fingers
When I push that button…


And see how it goes!

for NaBloPoMo and PoBlaNoDay: 2013 – Day two

12 thoughts on “Free Verse: Daily Blog

    • sure hope so…it usually happens to me in two case: hassels or having a dead-line!
      Thanks so much Dom for your encouragement and I hope you over-come the fatal beastie…soon too!


  1. Isn’t it funny how that goes? I did a blank today, too– which is silly because, well, I’m constantly writing something, ha! 🙂 Loved this! Yay for us, blogging all official-like. 😉 😀


    • Too true…I think it’s call dead line block…I mean I post more than once a day…then I decide to go official and plop…all is gone, glad it wasn’t only me! And three cheers for us! 😉 😀


  2. Why oh why do these things always happen, it’s like I have a pile of things and when I have time and will – nothing!
    It will pass and if I might say, what you wrote is great, totaly relatable and made me smile, relieved the posting tension a little I am sure in others as well 🙂


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