6 thoughts on “Haiku- Haiga Dawn

  1. Beautiful! But the use of the word “haiga” (俳画) is technically incorrect. The word refers to a specific genre of classical Japanese painting; a photo cannot strictly speaking be a haiga. A bit of extra research (my field is classical Japanese literature, so it’s a bit senmon-gai for me) indicates that the word “hai-shashin” (俳写真) is occasionally used. (“Shashin” means “photograph”.)

    ~~Ian Suttle


    • Fantastic…I knew that a haiga was a classical Japanese painting with a haiku, but I learnt that it was still to be called haiga, even if on a photograph…I will try to remember to call it a hai-shashin in the future! Thanks so much for this information.


in shadows light - walking under weeping pines - spring rain

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