Prose Poem: you walk on

Prose Poem

you walk on

There are days, when for no special reason, you wonder, what it’s all about.  Why were you born, where are you going, are you going anywhere…you don’t know, you don’t have any answers only questions, so you walk on.

There are days when the wind blows with a kind of sadness, the sunlight is hidden by the clouds, you walk and reflect.  Why did things have to go this or that way, was it necessary, was it destiny or just choices that lead to you where you are now, without rhyme or reason.  Step after step, you walk on.

There are days when you see a remembered face, smell a perfume, and then you realize, that it’s only a trick of your mind.  The face would have been older, the smell slighty sweeter;  they were just memories that came back to life of that special moment so many years ago of that friend, now gone like this flash of false reality. So you walk on.

There are days when it seems that you see only young couples sitting hand in hand on a park benches.  They don’t even notice that you’re there because they’re only aware of each other.  You see their eyes meet, exploring each other’s soul.  And you remember…but now you know that you only saw your own soul reflected in those eyes and you walk on.

There are days when the rain comes in handy.  No one is aware that your tears are falling, if anyone did notice, they’d look the other way, to save you from embarrassment, or to save themselves from their own melancholy.  There’s something that hits you in the stomach when you see someone walking down a street crying.  Something that makes you want to hold out your hand…but no, that wouldn’t be right.  You walk on.

There are days when, you watch the children in the park playing and you go back with your mind to the days when your own children played in the park.  You remember their excitement, their joy in meeting other children.  You see them run and fly on the swings and you smile.  Then the memory fades, now they’re grown, gone and reality returns.  You walk on.

There are days when you’re so sad that you think that death would be a good companion to walk with. You try to imagine what it would be like not to exist any more.  You try to think what it would be like to be free from stress and hassle from fighting and worry.  Then, a ray of light penetrates  the clouds, a bird sings, the wind caresses your face like a tender lover.  The grass looks so clean and green now that the rain has stopped.  The red grape vines are redder.  The golden leaves of the trees rustle in the wind, creating a new song of promise and you realize, that yes, life is worth living.  That you will see your son tomorrow, that you’ll laugh again with your friends, that you’ll write another poem and that a new song has begun with a ray of sunlight, that takes you out of the darkness where you”ve been walking, you smile and then you walk on.

Yes, there are days when you want to sing and laugh, just like when you were a kid.  The air around you feels so electric and sweet.  There’s no special reason for you to feel like this.  You just do. So, smiling you walk on.


Inspired by Olafur Arnalds:  And They have escaped the weight of darkness:

12 thoughts on “Prose Poem: you walk on

  1. OMG! This is so gorgeous. I read it and then read the whole thing again. I had been whining to myself about taking time away from a project with a deadline to sneak a look at my reader, and now I can’t believe I might have missed this beautiful piece. It will inform my day and send me back to my work smiling. Thank you so much my friend.


  2. “Walk on through the wind. Walk on through the rain, though your dreams be tossed and blown. Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart, and you’ll never walk alone.” I just heard that song a few minutes ago on another blog I follow, and it fits your post so well. Blessings!


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